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Troubles Come and Troubles Go...

Charlie Chaplin might have been in silent movies but his words were loud and clear. 


Paul is a naturally gifted Healer, as was his grand father . Because of his Spiritual connection he will help you release the negative energy (tears) from any emotional abuse or traumatic event in your life.  His gifts are great for those that have been in Abusive relationships , Physical Abused, Sexual Abused 
Physical acceleration of your bodies natural (supper natural) healing ability. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Making Love Lasts A Lifetime

Having sex allows you to feel great for a few minutes but making-love lets you feel great for a lifetime.

-Rob - Sexy Challenges-


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Sexy Piercings Seem To Be Here To Stay

A few common Tips for Nose piercing
Nose piercing is one of the ancient types of modifications, which is equally popular in regal and common gentry.  It is although more common in south Asian countries but you can trace its trails in other civilizations as well. Initially piercing is done by a metallic needle but now different piercing guns and gadgets are used. The position of hole varies according to the customs and cultural values of different people. Some people prefer to have a hole on either side of the nostril, while other prefers to pierce the cartilage rim between the nostrils. In either case, use of proper equipment is very important. Flaps of your nostrils are soft tissues and ordinary piercing gun or needle can easily make a hole across it, contrary to this, cartilage is a hard bony tissue and specially design gun should be use to pierce it. Use of wrong equipment can cause pain, delayed healing or even infection.
Nose piercing is bit more painful as compared to ear piercing and take more time to heal. You have to take extra care during healing of pierced tissues to avoid any critical circumstances. I suggest you do not apply any numbing lotion, ointment or spray on your nose before piercing. These chemicals can have allergic reactions and you have to bear pain and infections for even longer period of time. I will suggest you few tips related to nose piercing in order have less painful and fast healing.
Tongue Piercing is making its way in Today’s Fashion
Tongue piercing is the most popular choice among different kinds of body piercing in west. It is ranked high among different kinds of body modifications. Many people find it very seductive and an invitation for oral sex. It tempts the opposite sex and increases your sex appeal. As you pierce soft tissues of your tongue, you have to be take extra precautionary measures if you do not want to spoil it. Complete healing of your tongue can take a few months but first seven days are very crucial. Never compromise on the cost of piercing, as an untrained person can put you in great pain. Go to the top piercer in your locality and clear your all doubts about piercing. If your piercer is reluctant to talk about procedure or equipment used in piercing, quickly step out of the shop as such stubborn person can increase anxiety and stress.
Keep in Mind a few Tips for going for Navel Piercing
Navel Piercing is a very popular in teenagers. It gives you a modern and funky appeal and makes your belly more attractive. Prior to your piercing get detailed information about piercing procedure and healing period. Always go to a renowned piercer, which has some quality work on his or her credit. A new comer can ruin your dream of accurate and uncomplicated piercing. Once you have pierced your belly button, you have to keep in mind following tips.
Sanitize your navel area at least three times in 24 hours. Preferably, use an antibacterial body wash. Do not peal any crust or dry discharge that may have stick around the jewelry or naval. Genteelly soak it with Luke warm saline water and let it soften. Once it is soft, carefully clean it with a cotton bud soaked in cooled boiled water.
Ear Piercing – The most common Type of Piercing
Ear piercing is a type of body modification. You can opt ear lob piercing or ear cartilage piercing. Both males and females are using body piercing to express their social status, sexuality and esthetic sense. In this article, I will give you some tips regarding ear piercing. First, you should be aware of appropriate tools for piercing. Many people use piercing guns as it makes the procedure quick and less painful. Despite of these apparent benefits gun can be very hazardous. As these piercing guns cannot be sterilized properly, they can transmit many diseases. Reusable needles and guns can act as a vector to transfer infection from one person to other. Now days some piercer use specially designed guns, which have reduced the risk of disease transmission. However, I will suggest you, do not take any chances and go to an expert piercer.
Tips for Belly Piercing
Belly piercing is very much in fashion now days. Many people have faced problems during and after their belly piercing. In this article, I will give you some tips to fasten the healing process and enlighten you about most appropriate way of piercing. These tips will help you in coping with the pain and trauma associated with piercing.
First important tip is, always go to an expert person. If you are sensitive and become easily stressed it is very important to have full faith in your piercer. This will make you mentally comfortable and you can face the procedure easily. My second tip is to discuss every thing related to piercing in detail.
Lips Piercing – Toughest of ALL
Lip piercing is a popular style among different styles of body piercing that pierce the area around lips. You can do in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to pierce their upper and lower lip in pairs.
Body Piercing Tips
Body piercing became popular in early 90s but gained social acceptance in recent years. In some cultures, piercing at particular body parts depicts social status of men and women. In modern civilization, people use piercing as a tool to express them. For many years, it is considered as a rebellious act and still you cannot display it at school or offices. Now days body piercing is a popular trend in youngsters, I will give you few tips to make your piercing experience less painful and safe.
Eyebrow Piercing – Very Delicate Very Sensitive
An eyebrow piercing is a method in which an eighteen-gauge needle is used for vertical piercing through eyebrow. Most professionals use a clamp to hold skin, these clamps help in accurate piercing. You can use different types of beads, studs and barbells as eyebrow accessories. You should be careful in selection of any jewelry item as too heavy items can cause piercing migration. It is a condition in which hole migrates from its original location. It can give a dopy look to eyes and looks very ugly. You can pierce eyebrows from any point; it totally depends on your personal choice.
Tips for Cartilage Piercing
We are doing ear and nose piercing since many centuries, cartilage piercing is comparatively a latest trend for us. In this type of piercing, we pierce hard connective tissues of our ears. As cartilage is harder than soft ear lobs, it takes more time to heal. If you will follow few basic tips, you can speedup the healing process without facing any difficult situation.
Labret piercing Tips
If you are planning for a funky way of body piercing, labret piercing is an excellent choice for you. It is a technique of body piercing in which jewellary is pierced through your labrum. Facial lips are called labret in Latin; hence, it is a method of lip piercing. Usually, it is famous as the piercing between the lower lip and chin. You can find many styles in lip piercing. These types are given different names according to position of piercing.

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Come On Baby Light My "Fire": A Guide to Sexy Lighting in the Bedroom

Come On Baby Light My "Fire": A Guide to Sexy Lighting in the Bedroom

Setting the right mood is all about ambient lighting, but getting romantic makes mood lighting all that more complicated because, well, people are naked! At least two people (in most cases) anyway. We all know that different lighting can cause different moods and behavior, like the way natural light is connected to depression. So it goes without saying, if you want to feel relaxed and sexy..."light" the fire so to speak.
Not only is sexy bedroom lighting important because you want to set the right mood, but you also want to look the best you can naked, and turning off the light is not always the answer, in fact leaving the lights on can be a big turn-on (no pun intended).
First and foremost, overhead lighting casts direct downward light that creates terrible and harsh shadows and highlights, with the highlights always highlighting your worst features. So rid your evening of the overhead lights unless you decide to install a dimmer switch. If you have a dimmer switch, experiment with the lighting levels for different times of day.
Overhead lighting also tends to be bright, and can have an unflattering tone. Remember this: There is nothing, I repeat, nothing sexy about a well lit room. Lighting should instead, be soft and filtered, casting gentle shadows, softening harsh features and highlighting all the right curves. Although everyone looks their best against the glow of candlelight, it is not only an inconvenient option, but depending on the activity level, can become a fire hazard. For your side table lights, the next best option is to ditch the everyday 60 watt incandescent bulbs and opt for a lower watt soft pink bulb. Almost everyone and every skin and body type looks better under a soft pink glow. Never ever use fluorescents in the bedroom. Not only are they unreliable, flicker, and give off harsh light, they are obtrusive and offensive.
Use cream-colored or darker colored paper or material lamp shades for a warm glow. Create beautiful color shadows and patterns on the wall by using glass lamp shades, or even warm-colored stained glass or Tiffany style lamp shades. Speaking of shadows cast of the walls, placing a lamp or light just right, can cast the silhouettes of you and your playmate onto the wall, adding to the ambiance and mood even more.
The last thing to consider: What type of mood are you going for? Naughty, sweet, sultry, bold and daring? Whether you're going for romantic cottage or bawdy bordello, lighting can make the difference. Think about the direction you want your "escapades" to head and light the scene accordingly.
Other sexy bedroom tips:
  • Keep the room clean and uncluttered, free of laundry, dishes and the occasional pizza box, eliminating being distracted by the thought of chores that need to be done.
  • Turn off the TV unless there is "mood appropriate" content.
  • Set-the mood with romantic or relaxing scents, such as jasmine, lavender, a clean scent, or something with a soft vanilla note.
  • Make sure it has not been more than a day without showering or bathing.
  • Wear sexy lingerie or your birthday suit with confidence.
  • Moisturize your skin and take care of any hair stubble or necessary plucking.
  • A strategically placed mirror can not only add to the mood, but also reflect light, adding to the romance of your bedroom. Remember though, a mirror on your ceiling is a bit tacky and at first glance, may come across as a bit creepy or perv like.
Nicole Maddox is a Freelance writer, passionate about retro design/decor and is currently the Managing Member of [], a division of Mad Market, LLC.

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A Great Sexy Life Improves Your Looks!

A great sex life can really change the way you look.  From your smile to even your posture.  Just another added benefit of a great sex life. 


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Getting In Shape Is Sexy and A Challenge!

Start changing your life by getting in shape.  It is sexy and fun.  Plus it will improve your sex life more than you might expect.  

Sexercise from Sexy Challenges is available on iTunes, and for the Kindle and Nook


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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ever Feel Like Your Parents Are Crazy?


It is a comedy with a heartfelt message about healing old relationships with (crazy) parents and despite the most challenging economic conditions, seek out a greater self-love.

Check out Episode One Below

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Can You Name This Adam Sandler Movie?

Can you name this movie featuring Adam Sandler as a simple pool cleaner that has a knack for getting the booty?

Need to find movies based on your likes?

Funkyflick will find a movie based on a book, other movie or any Wikipedia page just with one click. The idea is to find the movies that matches what you only like. It’s different from other recommendation websites because it does not ask you to vote and it does not see other people rating, it actually reads the entire book you love, understands what is about and give you the list of movies that match it. Announcing search for books soon.

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Billy Idol Teaches Us How To Be A Lover

Billy Idol is so flexible in his music, this video of "To Be A Lover" shows his flexibility and some great romantic style form the king of videos.


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You Can Make Love Making Last A Lifetime

"Having sex allows you to feel great for a few minutes but making-love lets you feel great for a lifetime"

Rob - Sexy Challenges. 


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Duran Duran Helps Put Girls On Film

One of our favorite sexy videos from Duran Duran is "Girls On Film"  
This one goes out to all you 80's Music Fans.

Help bring funding to the San Antonio Film Festival (SAFLIM)  They are in desperate need of funding and all you have to do is visit the page below and share to help out.

Help these artist keep brining beauty to the world.  

Then, every share from that page (they have links to share on FB, Twitter and Pinterest at the top) is counted as a vote. Hopefully they will be willing to share it with others -- Just FYI, the pretty egg shell in the cover shot comes from an urban backyard chicken named Nugget :) For more info about us, please visit or

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Sexy Challenge Fans Take A Change A Win A Cool Grill!

Sexy Challenge fans it is your chance to win an amazing and stylish new grill just in time of the summer grilling season.

Details Below:

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This week you have chance to win the sassy Bodum Fyrkat Charcoal Picnic Grill. Compact enough for easy portability making it ideal for tailgating, camping, the beach--or even for cooking on your apartment terrace. 

Lovers A World Apart Looking To Get Closer

Lovers separated by distance looking for help to support their love. 

For many of us out there love isn't a world apart.  We are able to address or lover each and every day. We can hold them touch them and even kiss them at the drop of a hat.  How would you feel is that was not an option if for some reason the world had dropped you and your lover on different sides of the planet?  Well here is a story of two such lovers. 

The Story

Three and a half years ago my boyfriend and I started dating. We quickly realised there was nobody else in the world for us. He's helped me through every difficult situation in my life, always been there to offer a kind word and some advice. But he can't ever touch me. He can't hug me, or kiss me, or pat my hair... because he lives 8,000 miles away in Italy, while I live in Australia. We've been saving up for all this time to try and be together, but we're getting nowhere fast and we've just found out how much it costs to apply for a visa into Australia.

A year ago, as a graduation present, his whole family put together just enough money to pay for the flights over here and a holiday visa. With not enough money for accommodation and nowhere permanent to stay, my parents replaced my childhood bed with a double and let him stay in my room. He got on with my family like a house on fire, and helped me mend my relationship with my little sister. But then he went home, and we were back to square one.

A year later, still nowhere close to the big move, my parents used their savings to send me to him. Again we had the time of our lives just being together, but then I had to leave... it was like ripping my own heart out. We had to lose each other all over again.

After looking at visa after visa and not meeting the requirements for any of them, we kept coming back to that one joke... "Well, we could always get married." He didn't want to because he wanted our day to be special, not have to be rushed and cheap because we didn't have the time to save up and do it when we were ready. But one day, when we were both feeling really low and missing each other like hell, I said, "Why not just sign the papers and have a real wedding when we're ready?"
He agreed, and I started looking at visa costs. I almost had a heart attack.

If you would like to help these lovers then below is what they are offering.

"We're just a happy couple trying to get the money together to move to the same country and get married. We're trading art, postcards and wedding photos for donations."

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Need To Recharge Your Relationship? Take a Trip

One thing that can really get the passion flown again is taking a trip.  Vacations are a time to recharge not only your own energy but the energy of your relationship.  The more beautiful the place the more energy you will find.  So it is a great idea to plan a vacation as often as you can.  Your relationship will thank you.  


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