Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Uplifting Sex

Sex has the power when combined with love to lift you to new heights.  This lifting happens in many ways.  You can be uplifted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  When the passion of your intimacy is just right the uplifting happens in all four ways at the same time.  Giving you an experience that you cannot even imagine.  


I’m taking a chance here, but I do truly want to share with you my recent experience. Now I don’t want you to think for even a second I’m opening my entire diary for you to see. Rather, I’m going back through the part of my notes where I remember my Jamaica holiday. 
I’ll ask you this: Do you think it’s possible for another person to so transform your life that for the very first time you see the world in all its marvelous color? 
Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about actual color. My vision is just fine. 
The point here is that until I met Layla I had never felt life the way it should be felt. Do you know what I mean? She opened the door. 
No. That’s not exactly right. Layla didn’t open the door for me. She taught me how to love myself. 
And then I opened the door.

Wanting The Dream Relationship

Everybody has a vision of the dream relationship.  However, are you being unrealistic in your pursuits?  Can a relationship be perfect?  The answer is NO.  There is no such thing as a perfect or dream relationship.  What you are actually looking for is the relationship that works the best for you.  When you find it, that relationship will seem perfect but understand it will have bumps and bruises in it.  But, the the relationship fits you then you will move past those with style and grace always returning to that dreamy relationship.  

If you able to change your relationship from a boring winter to the hot sexiest summer, then to have a very best relationship you ever dream of is no more a secret.

May you stop playing the blame game and recognize that it is a new day?
May you choose to measure the quality of your relationship based on outcomes rather than intentions or promises?
May you be the best unpredictable person?
May you make yourself the best among the best?
May you impress yourself and your spouse?
May you light a fire after all this while you and your spouse in the relationship?
May you be the best thief to steal your spouse’s heart again?

If you reply no to any of these questions, stop and take the time to work out why you're still holding on to this destructive mentality, then describe specifically what it will take to alter that "no" into a "sure."

Monday, October 20, 2014

I LOVE Sight Seeing

There are many wonderful sights to see in New York but none express love as much as the love sign. Put it on your bucket list to get your picture taken by this landmark.  What a great picture this will make for your relationship album.  

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The Word of Osho

"What is needed is to know about sex. Knowing is power. And knowing about sex can become a great power. It is not good to live in ignorance, and even less to live in ignorance about sex." OSHO

Sunday, October 19, 2014

You Can Still Be Aggressive In Your Relationship

You know you can still have attitude in your relationship.  That doesn't mean you have to be an asshole but it does mean you can tell your partner exactly what you want!  

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NFL Gives You Time For Sexy Challenges

Which means there is a lot of extra time during the game for couples to fool around....

Play your own Fantasy Football Game

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

October, Time To Start Holiday Shopping

I know what you are thinking Halloween hasn't even happened yet and we are talking about Christmas?  Well think about it on Oct 31st the stores will begin setting up their Holiday displays.  Why not be ahead of the curve and get your shopping done early this year.  Think about how much more fun you can have during the holiday season if you don't have to spend most of it shopping.  You may think it is silly but one of the best Holidays I ever had was when I had all my shopping done before the 1st of December.   I really had more time to enjoy the parties and snuggling under the mistletoe.  

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3 Sexual Position To Improve Your Relationship

It is no secret that you are the kind of guy who wants to give the woman that you are with amazing lovemaking session after lovemaking session.
That's why in this article you will discover 3 amazing sex positions that you can use to enhance your lovemaking activities and have her looking forward to being in love with you forever more.
3 Amazing Sex Positions For Any Lovemaking Activities
Amazing Sex Position #1 The Slow Dance - Any lovemaking session wouldn't be the same without some form of slow dancing both in and out of the bedroom. To get into this position you and the woman that you are with will simply stand facing each other and allow your two bodies to become one and "dance" the night away.
Amazing Sex Position #2 Spread Eagle - This particular cunnilingus position will have her lying down on her back with her feet planted on either side of your shoulders. You also might want to take advantage of the fact that your hands will be free to provide her with additional stimulation as well.
Amazing Sex Position #3 The Scissors position - To get into this position you are going to intercross both yours and her legs in a... you guessed it Scissor fashion. While this isn't one of the more comfortable positions that you can get into if you find the sweet spot in this position it will be a welcomed addition to all of your love making sessions.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Getting Dirty To Get Clean

You can get Dirty Girl / Dirty Boy on iTunes, Amazon and for your Nook

One of our top selling Sexy Challenges of all time is Dirty Girl / Dirty Boy where we encourage our participants to find a specific mud to use during this challenges.  While many of them have expressed a difficulty finding a mud that is both great for their skin and energetic.  We however have found the answer and it is listed below.

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Finally A Book That Tells You It Is Okay To Be A Freak

What everybody is telling you is wrong with you is what's RIGHT with you. You were born to FREAK...to bring balance and healing to the world using your unique and strange gifts. 
"Commit to believing you deserve to experiencing all the love and connection your heart desires. No earning or repenting or serving time is required!" ~Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Do Websites Need Sex Appeal

Do all websites need sex appeal?  Well that depends on what you are trying to convey or sell.  Sure sex sells but does it sell everything?  There are some things that sex will not sell such as children's items and bibles to name a few.  However, most things you want to promote can benefit from sex appeal.

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Do You Have A Crack House In Your Neighborhood?

Just a little funny for you on this beautiful day.  


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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doormats No More

Are you a doormat in your relationship?   Does your partner walk all over you?  Well we are here to tell you that that best relationships are ones where both partners feel appreciated and work together.  If you think that just agreeing with your partner is the best way to live then you need to wake up and shake the doormat syndrome. 

You will learn Ancient techniques used by thousands of people all over the world that will help you overcome “Doormat-itis.” You will also see if you have Doormat-itis with a fun quiz. You will be clued in about 14 things awful things about the dirty F-Word (it’s not what you are thinking). This book will help you empower yourself to never feeling walked-on, or taken advantage of in relationships ever again! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have You Ever Seen An Ugly Angel?

There has been a huge focus on body image in our magazines and advertisements.  However, I want to raise the question have you ever seen an ugly angel?  Have you ever seen an overweight angel.  To this point every image of angels I have seen have been an amazing beautiful and in shape form.  Does this imply that you have to be beautiful to become an angel?  Just simply wanted to put something into your head to think about.  

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Combining Sexual Energies

We all have sexual energy that surrounds us like a blanket.  When you learn to combine yours with your lovers then you both have at your disposal a power that can shake the very foundation of the universe.  Learn to combine your sexual energy with your love and watch what amazing things happen in your life.  

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