Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can You Name This Adam Sandler Movie?

Can you name this movie featuring Adam Sandler as a simple pool cleaner that has a knack for getting the booty?

Need to find movies based on your likes?

Funkyflick will find a movie based on a book, other movie or any Wikipedia page just with one click. The idea is to find the movies that matches what you only like. It’s different from other recommendation websites because it does not ask you to vote and it does not see other people rating, it actually reads the entire book you love, understands what is about and give you the list of movies that match it. Announcing search for books soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Billy Idol Teaches Us How To Be A Lover

Billy Idol is so flexible in his music, this video of "To Be A Lover" shows his flexibility and some great romantic style form the king of videos.


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Monday, April 14, 2014

You Can Make Love Making Last A Lifetime

"Having sex allows you to feel great for a few minutes but making-love lets you feel great for a lifetime"

Rob - Sexy Challenges. 


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Shakeology is:
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Duran Duran Helps Put Girls On Film

One of our favorite sexy videos from Duran Duran is "Girls On Film"  
This one goes out to all you 80's Music Fans.

Help bring funding to the San Antonio Film Festival (SAFLIM)  They are in desperate need of funding and all you have to do is visit the page below and share to help out.

Help these artist keep brining beauty to the world.  

Then, every share from that page (they have links to share on FB, Twitter and Pinterest at the top) is counted as a vote. Hopefully they will be willing to share it with others -- Just FYI, the pretty egg shell in the cover shot comes from an urban backyard chicken named Nugget :) For more info about us, please visit or

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sexy Challenge Fans Take A Change A Win A Cool Grill!

Sexy Challenge fans it is your chance to win an amazing and stylish new grill just in time of the summer grilling season.

Details Below:

Don't Miss Out! 
This week you have chance to win the sassy Bodum Fyrkat Charcoal Picnic Grill. Compact enough for easy portability making it ideal for tailgating, camping, the beach--or even for cooking on your apartment terrace. 

Lovers A World Apart Looking To Get Closer

Lovers separated by distance looking for help to support their love. 

For many of us out there love isn't a world apart.  We are able to address or lover each and every day. We can hold them touch them and even kiss them at the drop of a hat.  How would you feel is that was not an option if for some reason the world had dropped you and your lover on different sides of the planet?  Well here is a story of two such lovers. 

The Story

Three and a half years ago my boyfriend and I started dating. We quickly realised there was nobody else in the world for us. He's helped me through every difficult situation in my life, always been there to offer a kind word and some advice. But he can't ever touch me. He can't hug me, or kiss me, or pat my hair... because he lives 8,000 miles away in Italy, while I live in Australia. We've been saving up for all this time to try and be together, but we're getting nowhere fast and we've just found out how much it costs to apply for a visa into Australia.

A year ago, as a graduation present, his whole family put together just enough money to pay for the flights over here and a holiday visa. With not enough money for accommodation and nowhere permanent to stay, my parents replaced my childhood bed with a double and let him stay in my room. He got on with my family like a house on fire, and helped me mend my relationship with my little sister. But then he went home, and we were back to square one.

A year later, still nowhere close to the big move, my parents used their savings to send me to him. Again we had the time of our lives just being together, but then I had to leave... it was like ripping my own heart out. We had to lose each other all over again.

After looking at visa after visa and not meeting the requirements for any of them, we kept coming back to that one joke... "Well, we could always get married." He didn't want to because he wanted our day to be special, not have to be rushed and cheap because we didn't have the time to save up and do it when we were ready. But one day, when we were both feeling really low and missing each other like hell, I said, "Why not just sign the papers and have a real wedding when we're ready?"
He agreed, and I started looking at visa costs. I almost had a heart attack.

If you would like to help these lovers then below is what they are offering.

"We're just a happy couple trying to get the money together to move to the same country and get married. We're trading art, postcards and wedding photos for donations."

Friday, April 11, 2014

Need To Recharge Your Relationship? Take a Trip

One thing that can really get the passion flown again is taking a trip.  Vacations are a time to recharge not only your own energy but the energy of your relationship.  The more beautiful the place the more energy you will find.  So it is a great idea to plan a vacation as often as you can.  Your relationship will thank you.  


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is Your Communication Top Notch?

We hear it so often that communication is the key to relationship bliss.  However there are many ways to communicate that we didn't have just a few years ago.  Texting, email, Skype and the list goes on and on.  However, we don't want to forget about actually talking.  Make sure to take the time to talk to your partner it will help in many ways.  

Here is an amazing way to get the conversation rolling.

This great book gives you 1000 questions to get the conversations started.

Click Below to pick up the book and get your communication back up to standard.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Quote from Vivica Fox

A great figure or physique is nice, but it's self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.

Vivica Fox


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All Day Arousal - Here To Tease You Just Right

Get your motor running and let it rev up all day long.  All Day Arousal will have you teasing and treating your partner in a tantric and modern way.  


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Monday, April 7, 2014

3 Common Relationship Issues

Rock In A Hard place
Many couples usually find common relationship problems that usually begin to pinch their relationship with the passage of time. If you are feeling that your relationship might not be what if should be or what it looks like, you surely are not only one. A substantial number of couples deal with romantic relationship concerns, often feeling how issues are distinctive to their loving relationship. There are many reasons for problems in any relationship. Here are some issues that usually takes place in a romantic relationship;
Absence of Trust
Trust is base for every relation. If trust is lacking in a relation, than that relation surely has no future. Pointless to say, if your mate has cheated on you, you will all the time doubt them. One will normally think if he/she is in bed with one other boy/girl. Sooner or later, lack of faith in drives other partner crazy. If this issue is not resolved nicely, then separation comes to be next reasonable action for your partner. Despite fact that cheat cannot be fully avoidable, probability of separation could still be avoided.
Lack of Communication
Lack of Communication is basic cause of nearly all relationship difficulties. If someone don't pay attention to essential talks or discuss major topics with them, he will all the time find its partner cantankerous about him giving more time to other things. To avoid such situation, one should sit together with its partner and discuss in any case a few times a week. However, it is really important to make sure your mobile phone is on silent more or you are not in a hurry. Also, show by using body language that you are paying attention to her.
Conflict in Priorities
Change in priorities is a feature of life. Before getting into commitment with someone, everyone puts in a little extra effort to impress their mate and to get their approval. Once this consent is allowed, everything gets change. Therefore, in order to stay away from such worrying arguments, tell your mate about your main concerns and priorities and how one will be appearing to them. Try to keep a more balanced attitude than getting emotional. However, simultaneously do not totally stop trying to praise your partner.
However, if anyone is going through some difficulty with his/her partner, first step must definitely be acknowledging problem. The earlier you understand problem, faster you will be able to resolve problem. is an exclusive website to provide useful info in an easy to help you create a better, more happier and loving healthier relationship. They have an aim to provide you with solutions to make your relationship better more than ever before and getting back with your ex.

Article Source:

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I work to enhance and expand peoples ability to experience deeper connection with themselves and others, connection as key to physical and mental health and well-being. Also, in my job as a therapist I help individuals and couples in their desire to close the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Need Sexy Marketing Help? Here it Is.

Beginning your marketing journey?

Learn about marketing from a successful entrepreneur through my first-hand business experiences connecting with great communicators like President Reagan, Ben & Jerry’s, Macho Man Randy Savage and Joe Frazier.

Over the last 30 years, my life has revolved around stories about family, food and marketing. I love unraveling the threads of these tales to bring personal experiences to life and to teach clear and simple lessons about important moments in my life. I wondered if I could help the community of marketing novices who are hungry to unravel some of the mysteries of marketing by telling a few stories from my marketing career. In this book, I share many special lessons learned with their own eureka moment that highlighted important aspects about successful marketing and brand-building ideas.
These lessons didn’t occur in a classroom. They happened in the real and at times, surreal world through interactions with a wide range of both famous and not-so-famous people. I learned from a President of the United States named Reagan, a professional wrestler named Macho Man Randy Savage and the exotically strange and wonderful Frank Zappa. During my marketing journey, I came to understand how much you can learn about business and marketing by being in the moment.

Looking back, I realize that my marketing adventures were meant to teach, to inspire and eventually be shared with others interested in understanding marketing. Each story is wrapped with a single key marketing lesson, concept or insight that has helped me learn an important brand building strategies or a practical tactic. When you combine these stories together, they are like preparing a meal where each ingredient is blended together to create a sweet and delicious marketing cuisine.

There are plenty of textbooks and how-to-books available where you can also learn some of these principles.


My book is written by an experienced entrepreneur who did exactly what you want to do - successfully use marketing to grow a brand and to create an emotional bond between your product and your customers. Each example in this marketing memoir is filled with personal anecdotes embedded with crisp, clear information that you can use to improve your own communications efforts. My sincere hope is that this book will spark your creativity and assist as you successfully build your brand and grow your business.

Within each individual story I have extracted a key word or phrase as a marketing lesson. In simple and straightforward language, these key words can help guide you in your entrepreneurial venture or small to mid-sized business.

The book will answer marketing questions such as…

Why you must differentiate your brand from the category to be noticed and to have the market share your story.

Why asking questions is one of most powerful way to market and sell a product or service.

Fearlessness is a critical requirement to help you get to the next level of success.

Optimism plays a surprising role in all marketing activities. Learn why.

Storytelling is a key marketing tactics to attract the right type of customers.

Being on autopilot can be deadlier for a brand than a wrong decision. Never stay on cruise control.

Why is it vital to your brand’s health that you are highly focused?

The extraordinary lesson that something as simple as superb fried chicken can teach you about the power of marketing through word of mouth.

Those who have studied marketing in business school may not find my approach of great value although I hope they will be amused by some of my life stories. Some might be critical that I have over simplified marketing. I accept that this book may not be for you.

My book is for someone beginning their marketing journey that needs a marketing coach. The goal in writing this book is modest. I only want my marketing memoir to help one person: You.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Blocked Chakras Can Hurt Your Sex Life.

When your chakra's are blocked it can really have an affect on your entire life.  One key area is on your sexual life and your ability to enjoy the passion and amazing energy that comes along with it. When you sense something is just not right you need to check in with your chakras.  Learning more about them will supercharge many aspects of your life.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sexy Bamboo Not Just Panda Food Anymore

Yes it is made of Bamboo!

Underwear Made From Bamboo
It is refreshing to note that most people are now paying attention to the appeal of saving Mother Earth. And what is more inspiring that these people include celebrities who have the power to influence and be a model of the green revolution. One drive in this advocacy is the latest fashion trend today - lingerie made from bamboo!
Hollywood celebrity Rachel McAdams recently joined A-list stars in pledging support to the green venture. And as part of her campaign, she is giving approval to donning bamboo lingerie. The Notebook actress was quoted saying that sexy green is by using these eco-friendly products in everyday life. And in one interview with a magazine, she also shared that she now sticks to things that matter like not having to spend with material things that she does not really need and instead, spends her money on meals, travel and experiences. She also adds that helping Mother Earth can also come with little things like turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth. In addition to these simple things, she also launched a website - The site's aim is to raise awareness regarding the benefits of sporting green underwear aside from saving the environment.
According to reports, donning bamboo underwear can give you many benefits. The product is made from eco-friendly bamboo which is biodegradable. And since bamboo is of abundance, this product is cost-efficient. Donning this lingerie is also good to allergy sufferers as this is safe in terms of chemicals processing, and this non-toxic property is the reason why green lingerie is creating waves in the fashion industry.
Bamboo lingerie is the newest addition to bamboo's ingenuity. It can be remembered that just early this year, bamboo is also the main material in eco-friendly cars and bicycle. And on top of it all, bamboo is also known as good materials in making houses in tropical countries, as well as those beautiful cottages in Asian resorts. This amazing plant can also be made into cookware, using traditional Asian kitchen secrets.
Aside from these remarkable products that can be made using bamboo, you can even complete the whole vibe in being eco-friendly by using bamboo candles that are organic candles. This only goes to show that we can live in a beautiful place without compromising Mother Nature. Join the likes of Rachel McAdams and go green! This is definitely a good way to help have a green future.
Krystal Bennion loves writing and writes about anything.

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Sheets Made From Bamboo Are Great For Sleeping and Other Activities

Experience the future in sexy bedding.

Soft like silk but sleeps cooler than any other fabric and so much more!

Experience 100% bamboo by

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!!!!

Hope you all have a Sacred and Sexy April Fool's Day


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