Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sexy Shopping Spree

Sexy Challenge - Sexy Shopping Spree will have you finding out new and exciting things about your lovers. Sexy Challenges are designed to bring your sex life back to where it belongs. We give you a specific adventure to complete that will improve your communication and build your friendship, as well as get you both having fun in and out of bed. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Sexiest Podcast We Know - Mission Date Night

Lipstick on the collar usually meant the gentleman was cheating, but in our case with Mission Date Night it could mean simply that a couple had a wonderful night.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Victoria's Secret The Most Attractive Place In The Mall

One place that always draws my attention in the mall during the holiday season is Victoria's Secret.  The store is obviously the sexiest place in the mall and I love to walk through the store and imagine my beloved wearing the sexy items inside.  Another thing that makes me very happy is the number of people in the store that are getting sexy items.  We need more love making in this world and Victoria's Secret is helping that mission.  I know many people think that Victoria's Secret is to expensive, but you get what you pay for.  These items hold up and don't lose their sexiness such as items from Wal-Mart or Target.   Plus there is an amazing energy that comes with putting on an item from Victoria's Secret.  It is like super charging the sexiness you already have.   Do me a favor and don't skimp when you are purchasing intimate items for your partner.  Believe me there will be a payback for you by spending this extra.  

Also on a side note, if your single there is not better store than Victoria's Secret to stroll around in.   You will get to witness some people that are focused on their sexiness and if your looking for a date this will help you find someone that is focused on being sexy from the start.  

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Bring The Sexy By Undressing Each Other

What do you feel when your partner starts to undress you?  Do you feel a rush of excitement knowing that love making is going to happen.  Do shivers go up and down your back with each button they undo.  What about the sound of your zipper being undone or when you feel that first touch against your bare skin.  Do you like it when you partner undresses you from in front of you or from behind you, lights on or light off.  Do the two of you kiss while this undressing is taking place?  All these questions might start to get you a little excited right now.  If so invite your partner tonight to undress you and pay attention to the feelings that we mentioned above and see if it creates a stronger yearning in you for the intimacy you are about to share.  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stupid Things Guys Do When They Get Dumped

Getting dumped is never fun but guys sometimes act really stupid when it happens.  


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Tis The Season To Have Your Date In The Mall

It is this time of year that many people spend their extra time in the mall shopping for the holidays.  However, you can still have fun and make it a date worth of memories.  For starters make it fun.  Poke fun of items in the stores, be goofy and you might just find out that shopping isn't that bad.  You can also plan on eating at an interesting place and just doing some different things.  Our last adventure we purchased a Carmel Apple and have them cut it in the store and ate it as we people watched for a bit.   The funny part is that is what I remember from that shopping trip.  Can't remember what we have purchased but the apple sticks in my mind.  

Own A Mall

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How Wealthy Is Your Sex Life?

How Wealthy Is Your Sex Life?

When we talk about wealth we often just think about money.  However, there are many ways to be wealthy that do not include a penny.  An abundant sex life is one of those ways.   When we look at our financial balance sheet it is clear if we are in the red or black.  Now what if you look at your sexual balance sheet what does it speak of your wealth in the area of intimacy.  Not you might think it a bit odd to keep track of your intimate adventures.   Sometimes you need to see it in writing to make it register in your mind.   My suggestion is to start keeping a sexual balance sheet for the two of you and understand that sometimes you might need to put in a little overtime to get your numbers back into the black.  

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Safety Is Important In Your Relationship

As someone that blogs about healthy and happy sex and relationships it is always important for us to focus on the safety aspect.   

While I would love to imagine that all relationships out there are full of happiness and bliss, this is simply not the case.  There are very bad things that can happen in both your sex life and your relationship.   As much as I want to create amazing fascinating relationships in the world I know that there will be sexually transmitted diseases and domestic violence.  While I don't focus on those things normally, they are still very important.  

If you are in a situation or relationship that is in trouble we encourage you to get help.  If you are unsure or scared that is normal, but trust us here at Sexy Challenges being uncomfortable at first it will vastly help you in the long run.  If you are unaware of where to get help contact us and we will try to give you some resources in your area.

Peace and Love to you all!!!!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forget Kissing Under The Mistletoe, Make Love Under The Tree This Year

The Sexy Challenge for you this holiday season is to find an interesting and festive place to make love to each other.   Maybe it is under the Christmas tree with the lights blinking and twinkling.   You might string holiday lights around your bedroom or put a holiday reef around your lovers head as you making love.  You could both get Santa hats and jingle all the bells in your house.  If you into roll play maybe Santa gets seduced as he is trying to deliver presents, or Ms Claus is determined to show Santa how naughty she can be.   What ever you decide make it fun and full of holiday cheer.

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Dating Advice From Sexy Challenges And Our Friends

Our friends at Mission Date Night shared this little tip about making your date night special  

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sheryl Crow Brings Sexy To Leaving Las Vegas

Sheryl Crows song, Leaving Las Vegas is a huge hit but she makes it sexy!!!


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Make Up Can Be Sexy, But Not All The Time.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Healthy Body Image

While body image has been a huge topic lately, there is a beauty in being in shape.  Now we are not talking about someone that works out all the time we are talking about normal people that exercise a moderate amount and try to eat right.  These are the people that are naturally sexy and have the best balance in their life.  While we should never make fun of someone for their body image we should also know that a healthy body is good for you!!!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dumb Wedding Photos

We want to caution everyone to not always agree with the wedding photographer.  Sure sometimes they have great ideas but sometimes they are just plain stupid.  Like this photo which not only seems a little creepy, but moments later they were waiting for the groom to have a bowel movement to retrieve the ring.  Thanks a lot photographer for a crappy photo. 

Sometimes Simple Weddings are The Best:

I am a nondenominational Wedding Minister and a NYC Registered Wedding officiant. I believe that the wedding ceremony should be uniquely theirs and that it should reflect only their beliefs and values. They can truly have the celebration that they dreamed about without compromising personal beliefs or style!

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