Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Sex Geeks - Interviewed Us :)

We had a blast talking to Jon and Amie!  

Here is what they had to say on their FB page:

Hey Guys,
We are super excited about our guest this week. We have never meet anyone like them and wanted to give you guys a chance to check them out. Here is a little something about them.

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D., Soul Collaboration Guide and Sacred & Sensual Teacher and Rob Alex, M.Sc., Sacred Sensual Teacher, are passionate about empowering couples by teaching them how to combine the sacred and the sensual. Janelle and Rob also teach how practicing sacred sex magick can help you manifest amazing things into your life from a new career to physical healing to conceiving a child.

This is going to be awesome. Check us out this Thursday on The Sex Geeks!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sex Magick For Couples

Sex Magick for Couples
"The Sexual Law of Attraction"

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~Deepen the bond with your sweetheart.~
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~Expand your boundaries through pleasure.~
~Connect with your soul and your lover's soul.~
~Tap into the ultimate creative source.~
~Pierce the veil between the physical and the metaphysical.~
~Fulfill your heart's desires - your dreams - your wishes.~

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Get Lusty for Couples is having a Valentine's Giveaway

We write a new article about once a week and share it here as well as with Get Lusty for Couples; therefore, we agreed to share with you about their new site and their giveaway.  :) 

“GetLusty’s Valentine Giveaway!”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re dreading it or you can’t wait for it, GetLusty is here with the mission to bring more passion and intimacy into your life with your Lover. What better season to catch the love bug? Sign up here with a chance to win!

GetLusty is a site with over 700 articles, including advice from world-renowned sexperts. Couples-friendly, ethical and eco-minded businesses are added daily to our site. There are special deals and discounts to all members from these sex positive businesses. Exclusive and VIP members get even more access to articles and bigger deals and discounts for sexy and romantic products.

GetLusty is committed to sex positive information for couples. We feature advice and inspiration for every preference, orientation, fetish and interest. Our newly launched site is unique in its field. We even have games you can play with you lover to earn points toward more access to articles and discounts. Who knew monogamy could be this fun?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Cultivate a Sensual Pregnancy

The body changes drastically from the moment of conception.  And, those changes continue not only through the next nine to ten months, but for weeks and possibly months after your new bundle of joy arrives.  Women are beautiful, sensual and sexual creatures.  Yet, for many, once they discover they are pregnant the idea of being sensual or sexual quickly evaporates. 

There are many reasons that this may be the case.  “Morning sickness”, new hormones running rampant, weight gain, an unsupportive partner, the upcoming financial strain of a new child, your body image, and other health concerns are all potential reasons that you may not feel sensual or sexy during all or part of your pregnancy.  So, is it even really possible to have a sensual pregnancy?  Yes! 

First of all, be aware that being sensual does not necessarily mean the same thing as being sexual.  Sensuality is about gratifying the senses.  Become more fully present in the moment and become fully aware of your body and your emotions.

While pregnant your sense of smell and sense of taste may very well become heightened.  Eating delicious foods, especially ones you may have cravings for, can be shared with your lover.  Savor in your heightened taste sensations.  Slowly bite into that fresh piece of fruit.  Take your time lifting the spoon to your mouth, close your lips around it and slowly remove it as you pull this wonderfully delicious treat onto your tongue.  Allow a soft, pleasure-filled moan to escape from your throat.  It doesn’t matter if you are early on in your pregnancy with no baby bump or if you are nine months along and your yummy food is balanced on your baby belly instead of the table.  Your lover is likely to get turned on by your sensual eating.  You can add to the experience by having him/her feed you these tasty bites.  You can even choose to close your lips around his/her fingers as you are fed.        

As your tummy begins to grow be proud of it instead of insecure about your expanding girth.  Opt for clothing that accentuates your baby bump instead of wearing big, sloppy clothing in an attempt to hide it.  This is a special time in your life, whether planned or not.  Take into consideration that not everyone can offer a baby a safe and sacred space to grow in.  Yet, here you are doing just that.  Honoring the rigorous, yet divine, work your body is capable of is beautiful.  Wearing attractive clothing is always a great way to help you feel more sensual and sexier.  Being pregnant doesn’t change that.  There are a lot of spouses/partners who find pregnant women highly attractive.  Together, you created a child, therefore, together you can relish in the sexy changes in your body.

Being pregnant means your body is increasing its blood flow and increasing the secretions from oil glands.  These changes are what help give you that pregnancy “glow”.  Your cheeks may be pinker and your skin shimmers from the extra oil.  You also glow energetically.  We all emit light energy.  It is our life force energy.  You may better understand it as your aura.  Now, consider that you are carrying another life inside of you and his/her little life force energy is also emitting light.  It is no wonder that you seem to “glow” during pregnancy because you really are glowing.  And, more often than not others are drawn to the light.  This means you may be even more attractive to some than normal.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Run your hands over your body and feel the difference in your skin.  Allow your lover to do the same.  Together you can celebrate the new life your lovemaking is bringing into the world. 

Oftentimes, as your body grows heavy with child you may really want and/or need a foot rub, a back rub or even a tummy rub.  This is a beautiful time to experience a sensual massage from your honey.  He/she can enjoy exploring the changes in your body as you relax and focus on the sensation of his/her touch.  If the two of you progress to a more intimate sensual massage, you can release oxytocin and thereby ease any pregnancy pain you may have been experiencing.  As you probably already know, as you become sexually aroused the body releases this feel-good hormone.  But, did you know that with the increased blood flow, your labia may become engorged during these months.  This offers the potential for a new orgasmic experience. 

Feeling sensual and sharing in lovemaking with your beloved are not only things you can and should enjoy during your pregnancy, but they are very beneficial for you, your lover, and your unborn baby.  For women, pleasure and orgasm are excellent for mental and emotional health as well as physical health.  In fact, as you are preparing for labor and delivery, know that semen has a hormone called relaxin, which softens the cervix and lengthens the pelvic ligaments.  This hormone can be received orally as well.  What a great way to encourage and assist your baby’s entrance into the world.

Experiencing sensuous pleasure throughout your pregnancy can lead to a quicker and easier delivery.  It doesn’t guarantee it, but either way you can relish in the sensuality of your pregnancy.  Wait!  You don’t feel like having sex with your partner?  No problem.  You do not have to have intercourse.  You can experience pleasure orally.  You can pleasure yourself. 

Of course, due to the increased hormonal activity in the body many women find themselves feeling far more sensual as well as more sexually aroused throughout their pregnancy.  You may or may not be one of those women, but you can increase your sensuality simply by honoring you, your body and the changes that are taking place. 

Experiencing and enjoying your sensuality and your sexuality throughout your pregnancy will help your body prepare for the birth.  This can also deepen the intimate bond with your partner. 

One final note for you – while you are in labor if you visualize making love to your sweetheart, you will actually be helping yourself to relax vaginally.  This is a natural way to offer yourself assistance during this experience and may even lead you to have an orgasmic birth.

(*Only participate in sexual activity if your heart is healthy enough and you are not experiencing any other serious health issues.)      

Copyright 2012
Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D., Soul Collaboration Guide & Sacred Sensual Teacher
Rob Alex, M.Sc., Sacred Sensual Teacher

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Difference Between Sensuality & Sexuality


In an earlier post, 5Ways to Make Sex Sensual, we said, “when you hear the word “sensual” you are most likely going to relate it to something sexual.”  This may not ring true in all cultures, but the majority of Americans do create a direct correlation between sensuality and sexuality in their minds.  In fact, thousands and thousands of people use those two words interchangeably.  But, do they really mean the same thing?  Is one truly synonymous with the other?  We don’t believe so.

On the other hand, sensual experiences can most certainly lead to sexual experiences.  Let us explain this a bit more to you.
The actual definition for “sexuality” describes it as one’s capacity to have sexual feelings as well as what one’s sexual preferences are.  These are physical, animalistic traits.  They can still feel good, but just performing the act of sex does not mean that you will explore the senses.  Simply engaging in sexual activity does not mean that you will gratify your sensual self.  Sexuality can be solely about lust and the desire to jump your lover, rip off his clothes and get busy.

Sensuality is slower and arouses, as well as gratifies, all of the senses.  Moving sensually could mean a slow sway of your hips or running your hand slowly up your lover’s chest.  Mmm, the sway of your hips will increase the flow of energy moving throughout your body and you can take in the feeling of this while those sexy and sensual movements visually stimulate your partner.  As you can see sexy (sexuality) and sensual (sensuality) can start to integrate at this point.

Leaving out sensuality and only focusing on the sexual you can miss out on the potential for extraordinary sensations, mind-blowing orgasms, and an out-of-this world climax.  Becoming fully aware of the sensations within your body and soul during lovemaking is what makes it sensual.  In a sense, it is still animalistic.  After all, most animals can hear, smell, taste, see, and feel.  But, moving it beyond just a quick sexual encounter gives both, you and your lover, the opportunity to savor the feel of one another’s touch, relish in each other’s natural smell (or soap or cologne), soak up the glorious view of your bodies, taste the deliciousness of each other, and bask in the whispered words, moans, or sexy screams that escape you as you pleasure one another.

Awakening your senses and then exploring how to gratify your and your lover’s senses can take you on a phenomenal journey.  In fact, according to a teacher from the African Dagara Tribe, that is what “lovemaking” would translate as – going on a journey together.  When the two of you bring more sensuality into your lives you will come to understand that it is not just about sex, and you can share sensual moments with your partner anywhere, anytime.  That shared journey can start long before the bedroom and last extensively afterwards.  You can reach over and draw little circles with your finger on your lover’s wrist at dinner.  You can place your hand on his/her back and rub lightly while walking down the street.  You can wear clothing or jewelry that you know your sweetheart finds appealing on you.  These are just a couple of examples.  Adding this aspect and expanding the sensuality in your relationship will open the two of you to a deeper soul connection.  Not only is it likely that your souls will blend together more freely, but it is also true that you will open more easily to a reconnection with your individual soul. 

This leads to a greater possibility of transcendent sex, which means you gain access to the Divine through lovemaking (and that has nothing to do with being religious or not).  Your creative energy will flow more freely, you will gain a new level of confidence in daily life and yep, you will actually have a natural glow.                  

So, awaken to the powerful difference between “sexuality” and “sensuality”.  To recap, sexuality is focused on the sexual act while sensuality focuses on pleasuring and gratifying all of your senses while connecting to your souls.  Coming to this realization can not only enhance your lovemaking, but help it transcend basic, animalistic gratification.

Copyright 2012
Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
Rob Alex, M.Sc.