Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Sexy To Take Care Of Each Other

There are several things that help our health, obviously here at Sexy Challenge we believe that a great  and fun sex life and relationship are vital.  There is more that you can do for each other.  For example encouraging each other to eat right and to exercise regularly.  Not only do those two things help your health but when you are eating better and exercising your relationship and intimacy are better, too.  One of the best features of being in a loving relationship however is the fact that if something series happens to you, there is that person there that will take care of you.

Below is a story of true love that is an inspiration!

When we tell a story about true love most of us expect something we see in the movies.  Some amazing story line with dramatic overtones and gripping excitement. However, a true love story only needs one thing and that is the love!  I was recently amazed at the story of INRTracker as you will read below and how the desire to keep a partner and lover healthy overcomes many hurdles.  Which leads me to wonder what would you do for the person you love?  Read this story as it is truly a blessing, no car chases, no evil villains, just two people and a desire to keep that love alive.  

The story of Veronica and Pavan is one of true love. They’re the Co-Founders of
It all began in early 2012 when Veronica Coulombe, a 20 something front end developer got a blood clot in her leg (Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT) and also in her lung (Pulmonary Embolism – PE).
Although 1/6 people who get a DVT/PE die, Veronica survived.
To dissolve the clots and prevent future clots, her doctor prescribed her Warfarin.
Veronica later met Pavan Katepalli at her day job. Eventually their work blossomed into a relationship.
While on Warfarin, Veronica had to constantly watch what she ate (especially Vitamin K) and had to get her blood tested weekly (an INR Test) to make sure that her Warfarin dosage was affective. Veronica had to keep everything she did consistent - especially her diet.
If she faltered in diet, her Warfarin could either be further induced or inhibited and she could die from either bleeding to death or from blood clots.
To make matters worse, food labels don't include Vitamin K, and virtually every drug interacts with Warfarin so she was left feeling overwhelmed.
The stress on Veronica was enormous. As her boyfriend, Pavan felt her pain.
So Pavan embarked on a journey to learn to code. He built a crude application to let Veronica log her data quickly and easily, and generate reports for her doctor.
Veronica was able to plan her meals out using the application and was able to better understand the Vitamin K and other factors that were affecting her.
Veronica as a front-end developer herself saw the potential in the application, so she helped bring the application to the web.
Fast forward a bit, and INRTracker has raised funding from Houston based Biotech Company, ReliantHeart Inc. ReliantHeart is led by Serial Entrepreneur Rodger Ford.
INRTracker is also integrated with ReliantHeart's HeartAssist5®, a LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). A LVAD is an electromechanical circulatory device that is used to partially or completely replace the function of a failing heart.
Veronica and Pavan have both written helpful articles for their users such as these Atrial Fibrillation Factor 5 Leiden articles. 
Screen Shot of INRTracker

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