Sunday, February 10, 2013

Soul Mate or Twin Flame? Should You Meet Yours?

There are so many views on Soul Mates and Twin Flames.  So, we have to give our take on the interest that these two topics stir up.  Do you have a special love that you have been searching for your entire life?  Is there only one Soul Mate or Twin Flame for you?  Do you have to connect with these people in this lifetime?  Do you have a contract with them or is this all left to chance?  Send us your views or if you have ideas for another episode or a question you would like us to answer to

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  1. Soul mates can be on many levels, a soul mate, a heart connection mate, a spirit mate and an intellectual mate, all are very empowering, but until you find that person who is connected with you on 3 or more levels they are only mates on their particular level.
    I have known true heart love, true intellect/soul love and even spirited love, but if the other senses are not fed, these loves cannot survive the lack of wholeness to love.
    For me true love would have to have all of these levels to truly be living in the divine love.

  2. Thank you for sharing your perspective dear one. :)