Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Secrets That Keep You From Looking and Feeling Sexy

Alright ladies what are these secrets that you likely aren't aware of or don't have deeper knowledge about?  Feeling energetic, sexy, and confident brings an inner joy to the surface.  Your light will shine brighter, you will have more to give, you will be more focused, and you will be more creative.  When you know these secrets you can feel better about your body and your intelligence.  In fact, if you take these to heart and take action, there is a good chance that your libido will increase, too.  You will be bolder in the bedroom and the boardroom.  

So, what are these secrets?

  1. What you eat impacts not only how you look, but how you feel.  There are so many foods in the United States that are filled with junk and empty calories not to mention tons of chemicals and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  Decreasing your animal protein can greatly improve your overall health.  Tip: Swap out dairy milk for almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk.  But, some foods, even healthier ones, cause your fat cells to swell.  Ah, but there are yummy foods that you can eat that shrink your fat cells!  Woo Hoo!  Blueberries, black beans, kale, red cabbage, and red onion are just a couple of examples.  If you want to ditch some of that belly fat, put these regularly into your diet.
  2. Working out regularly does a lot more than just burn calories and tone your body.  It releases toxins in the body!  When you work up a good sweat you are getting rid of some of that nasty stuff that makes you feel like crap.  And, another benefit of exercising is it increases your energy level, helps you focus more, and can help heighten your libido.  So many people these days are stuck behind a desk and computer for hours on end.  Then they go home and end up on social media on their handheld device while watching television.  This truly causes your muscles to…well, honestly, simply turn to mush.  Use it or lose it isn't just a cliche.
Okay - eat right and work out…might not be HUGE secrets even though there are deeper aspects that a lot of women don't realize that go along with them.  And, we only hinted at those vital pieces of information in this post.  But, I am willing to bet you may be surprised by the third secret.

     3.  Your body lotion, shampoo, face wash, eye-creams, anti-aging creams, perfumes and your make-up (even your nail polish) most likely have some really nasty chemicals in them that can cause everything from allergies to diabetes to cancer.  This even reminds me of the Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  If I remember correctly, the Joker taints all the make-up and when women put it on they die or become deathly ill.  Well, that is no longer just a movie script.  Let's consider this possibility - You think you are eating healthy and are adamant about whole foods, and you work out religiously working the entire body.  You meditate or at least take five minutes of absolute quiet time for yourself every day.  BUT, you unwittingly continue to toxify your body by taking a shower and putting on your make-up!  EEK!  So, take the next step for yourself and find out what personal care products are safe to use.  Geesh, you say, something else to worry about…well, I believe that you are worth being healthy and feeling beautiful and sexy.  You deserve the best - you bust your butt all day for everybody…now take care of YOU, too!

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