Friday, March 21, 2014

Making Space For Your Relationship

Making Space for Your Relationship

Expert Author Linda Binns
How does your home represent your relationship? Is it helping or hurting your relationship with your partner and how can you improve it?
Since your home is energetically an outer reflection of what is going on internally, it can give many clues as to the real state of your personal relationships and also many opportunities for growth and improvement.
Let's start with the room that energetically represents and reflects your relationship the most - your bedroom. how do you feel about this room? Do you like the furniture that you have? Do you love your bed - is it comfortable? What pictures and accessories do you have and how do they reflect your relationship?
Your bedroom is the most important room in your home because it is the room that is closest to you and has the biggest impact on you. It is important that both you and your partner love your room. It needs to be your personal sanctuary - calm, peaceful, romantic. Here are some specifics to pay attention to:
The bed
This is the most important piece of furniture in the room. It should be comfortable, sturdy and solid. If you have a headboard, choose one that is solid - that will symbolize you having solid support in your life. The bed should be in the command position - meaning that it's as far away from the door as possible, with the headboard up against a wall or corner and that you can see the entrance to the room from the bed.
Remove anything that is stored underneath the bed - items under the bed can create stagnant energy that affects you as you sleep. If you have a king-sized bed, put a red sheet over the box spring to 'heal' the split down the middle.
Remove all clutter from the room. It stops energy flow and will create problems in your relationship. It will affect both partners, because it will drain your energy until you both find yourself feeling more and more tired and lethargic, lacking motivation. This is when arguments can occur.
Choose artwork and accessories that are calming and peaceful. Things that represent your relationship, such as a wedding photo or something that you brought back from your honeymoon or a vacation, or just a nice, recent photo of the two of you together.
Remove anything that is not conducive to a happy, harmonious relationship - you can put pictures of the rest of your family, children and pets anywhere else in the house, but save the bedroom for pictures of you and your partner and artwork that reflects romance or is particularly meaningful to both of you.
Choose warm colors, as opposed to cool colors. Any colors that have warmth to them - so, for example, instead of white, choose cream, or go with colors that have a hint of red in them (this does not mean that you should paint your bedroom bright red!) Warm colors help to create warmth in your relationship and foster close communication.
Things that intrude
Keep things like televisions, children's toys books, desks, computers, exercise equipment, etc., out of this room if you possibly can. These all intrude on your relationship and come between you. They are also 'active' with energy and you want this room to be soothing and calm to promote restful sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, look at how much energy is in the room and see how you can calm it down. For example, mirrors are very active with energy. If you have a lot of mirrors in the room (such as mirrored closet doors) you may find you have trouble sleeping. If so, try covering up the mirrors before bed for a few nights to see if your sleep improves.
There are many other ways in which your home reflects and impacts your relationship - this is just one room. But it is the most important room. Making changes here can bring about powerful and positive change in your relationship very quickly.

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