Thursday, March 6, 2014

So Many Couples Are Now Meeting On Line

I Met My Dream Husband Online and So Can You

Expert Author Pamela Bunta
It is popular these days to use on line dating services. I was learning to use my computer and still grieving the death of my late husband. When a counselor I was going to advised me to go on line and make a friend so I would become social with the opposite sex again.
I signed up with and began tediously looking at profiles of the men there. I really wasn't in the mood to seriously go out with anyone, so I would just read profiles and turn the computer off and go to bed. it seemed an arduous task at the time, and the profiles looked very phony also.
Finally, one night I decided to write to a handsome man that just wanted to be friends. His profile was very conservative and if he was who he said he was in his profile, I felt like we would be able to have a real friendship.
We wrote to each other for a few weeks. Then we talked on the telephone for a couple of weeks. We decided to meet at a restaurant one night and have dinner. He was so sweet and interesting! We talked for a few hours and found out we had a lot in common.
We kept meeting and seeing each other as strictly friends for several months. I must say it was refreshing, just being friends, but it became more difficult for me as time went on because I became very sexually attracted to him. He kept me at arms length and we only hugged when we would say good night after our dates. This made me really desire him more than ever!
Six months after we met, we started officially dating and kissed for the first time. Wow!
We dated for a year and decided to get married. We had so much fun together! Sex was on the back burner, so we really got to know each other well before that came into play. Our relationship grew very deep! We agreed to always have fun and enjoy life. We were in our 50's and decided to agree to disagree and not argue. We had both had enough of the problems in relationships in the past to know what we wanted in our relationship. Love, joy, happiness, and endearing friendship.
John and I have been married for over three years now and dearly love each other. We have the real deal!
Have we argued? Of course we have! But we get our differences out in the open and put them behind us quickly! We have a love that will last forever! We are glad every day that we met. If it had not been for an online dating service, chances are we would never had met.
Online dating services are wonderful if used correctly. They are bringing a lot of people into friendships, companionship, and marriages that could not have happened any other way.
My advice is to follow the rules and recommendations set by the online dating service you chose. Use caution at first in the relationship you form online. Always meet the first few times at a public location in separate vehicles.
It doesn't hurt to get a background check on the person you have met. We did. It's only being intelligent.
Once you feel you can trust the person you have met, then begin the actual dating process.

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