Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lovers A World Apart Looking To Get Closer

Lovers separated by distance looking for help to support their love. 

For many of us out there love isn't a world apart.  We are able to address or lover each and every day. We can hold them touch them and even kiss them at the drop of a hat.  How would you feel is that was not an option if for some reason the world had dropped you and your lover on different sides of the planet?  Well here is a story of two such lovers. 

The Story

Three and a half years ago my boyfriend and I started dating. We quickly realised there was nobody else in the world for us. He's helped me through every difficult situation in my life, always been there to offer a kind word and some advice. But he can't ever touch me. He can't hug me, or kiss me, or pat my hair... because he lives 8,000 miles away in Italy, while I live in Australia. We've been saving up for all this time to try and be together, but we're getting nowhere fast and we've just found out how much it costs to apply for a visa into Australia.

A year ago, as a graduation present, his whole family put together just enough money to pay for the flights over here and a holiday visa. With not enough money for accommodation and nowhere permanent to stay, my parents replaced my childhood bed with a double and let him stay in my room. He got on with my family like a house on fire, and helped me mend my relationship with my little sister. But then he went home, and we were back to square one.

A year later, still nowhere close to the big move, my parents used their savings to send me to him. Again we had the time of our lives just being together, but then I had to leave... it was like ripping my own heart out. We had to lose each other all over again.

After looking at visa after visa and not meeting the requirements for any of them, we kept coming back to that one joke... "Well, we could always get married." He didn't want to because he wanted our day to be special, not have to be rushed and cheap because we didn't have the time to save up and do it when we were ready. But one day, when we were both feeling really low and missing each other like hell, I said, "Why not just sign the papers and have a real wedding when we're ready?"
He agreed, and I started looking at visa costs. I almost had a heart attack.

If you would like to help these lovers then below is what they are offering.

"We're just a happy couple trying to get the money together to move to the same country and get married. We're trading art, postcards and wedding photos for donations."

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