Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are Our Relationships The Next Thing To Go Mobile?

Almost everything we are doing today can be done on our mobile phones.  What is next?  Are our relationships doomed to be just a series of messages, webpages, and text.  Can technology take the place of passion in our intimate relationships?  Will we soon have an app where we can make love to one another with our mobile devices?  These questions might seem a little far fetched but are they really?

If his happens our sponsor for this post will be there to help you with your mobile adjustments.  

The Four Most Important Parts of a Mobile Website
April 30, 2014
            Whether you’re creating a single application or an entire mobile Web strategy, the first step is understanding what makes mobile different from regular Web, and finding the unique opportunities of the mobile space – both practical and technical.Click Here To See It Can Look

            Think about it – you’re using your mobile phone in a special way. Your traditional Web development techniques and even your sales conversion methods may not translate directly between platforms. Trying to throw a “stripped down” version your company’s online presence on to a phone is usually a recipe for poor customer experiences.

Here are four of the most important practical concerns for every mobile site:

            1.  Screen Size: Your normal, content-rich web pages are going to be difficult to read on a mobile device. A good mobile site will require no side scrolling. Remember, mobile sites are always read top down – this should be what dictates your mobile layout.

            2.  Network Speed: Smartphones are smart – yes and with the ever-evolving technology, it’s only getting better, but network coverage isn’t universal just yet. That means pages that are heavy with content or images aren’t going to load the same for everyone.

            3.  Navigation: Not everyone is using an iPhone or even a touch screen device. Make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your mobile device.

            4.  Content: Customers are looking for something very specific when they conduct mobile searches. Give it to them. Don’t fill your mobile site with tons of sales copy and images. Keep the content relevant to the search. Implementing just these few tips will provide your visitors with a positive mobile experience and keep them coming back time and time again.

           Implementing These tips will provide your website visitors with a positive Mobile experience and keep them coming back for more. Learn More Here

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