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Capture His Heart!

Dating Advice for Women – The Free Answer!

There are so many guides and tutorials for dating advice for women –and yet most will fail if the basic – free – factor is missing.
That free factor is Self-confidence.

Don’t be pleading for a romantic love situation.  Let it find you. Healthy relationships are not based on neediness. 
Easily said, but what does it mean?  Consider - Self-Confidence has 41,100,000 hits on Bing search results.  That is absolutely astounding!
What is means simply is that there are a huge number of people out there who perceive themselves as needing a boost in their self- confidence – so they can function better socially and presumably romantically.
Now, I am a guy.  So – I can give you good insight into what self-confidence means to me in a woman.  My personal experience is that it is not important.  The word `important` does not give it due credit.  It is almost EVER YTHING!
Let’s dissect that – step by step:
1.     Did you ever notice that individuals – particularly women – are their most attractive self – when they are happy, full of life – and, yes – CONFIDENT.
2.     Did you ever notice the opposite:  When an individual (again, particularly women) –is at their least attractive state is when they are worried, depressed, and full of anxiety?
The big question, of course, is how you acquire this golden trait of self-confidence.  The answer is – in my opinion: two - fold:
1.     Don’t Care so much
2.     Be your best – more on that in a moment

#1 -  In most social settings – you will find one or two people who are just trying so doggone hard to be accepted, liked, recognized (you name their objective) that their entire posture and behavior becomes one of almost begging  to be noticed.
Wow – what a huge turn off that is for most men.  The thoughts of men in this situation – in my opinion – fall into two categories:
1st Category:
She is an easy mark – no one else wants her. I’m in! 
Now, is this the kind of guy you want to attract?  Gads, I hope not.  He is a bottom feeder – because he does not feel capable of getting someone whom other guys want.  Bypass this guy. He is not worth it.
You don’t have to settle for this jerk.
2nd Category:
With that kind of `Don’t Care’ - `Don’t try too hard` - attitude - it will bring the kind of guy you want: Confident himself – which is exactly who you are looking for. Right?
He: “This gal doesn’t care – she must be something special.  I have to meet her!”
Relationship Compatibility does not mean one party is so eager to please – that she loses herself in her eagerness. No, a healthy relationship is built on each party maintaining their identity and self- worth.
Now, where does this self-confidence come from?  Simple:  It comes from knowing what to say – and how to say it – and when to say it.
It is just a matter of learning proper techniques.  Think about it for just a moment:  Don’t you need techniques for virtually anything you do:
1.     Swing a tennis racquet
2.     Swim
3.     Dance
4.     Paint
5.     Write
Why would you not think that social interaction is also a matter of techniques?  When you have techniques – you will have the self-confidence that will act as a magnet – for the right kind of guys.

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Ergo – you won’t have to try so hard – or hard at all. You will know exactly the techniques that will bring the right guys looking for you!

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