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Dating Someone From A Different Culture

Having a relationship with someone of a different culture is not only appealing and fun but it is also possible based on the level of enlightenment in the world today about relationships, associations, etc.
One thing is quickly evident if you are already giving the above topic a thought or consideration or you are even set to give this a try and that is you have an adventurous heart; this is good but I must be quick to add or ask to know if you are also prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.
Now, you can have a relationship with someone of a different culture if the following areas can be addressed by you:
1. Language barrier. You can endeavour to learn to speak and converse in the language spoken or used by your potential girlfriend, boyfriend, lover or spouse. This holds a special appeal and makes communication and relating together easy, simple, fun, interesting and enjoyable.
It could also serve to facilitate quick acceptance by other family members, his/her local community and/ or people groups. Otherwise, you can manage and be content with conversing in the general languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc.
2. Acceptance. You cannot afford to force your choice of a relationship partner on your family most especially. You must win them over to your side with love, patience, understanding and trust.
Do not misconstrue their reluctance to fully embrace or accept your choice as an ideal mate for you as an unjustified set up or an unreasonable bias. This might be displayed in their actions or reaction, attitude or comments passed from time to time when talks about your relationship is raised or discussed.
3. Compromise. You must be ready and willing to let go of some of your 'rigid' ways, style or approach to doing things and embrace a mix of two cultures as presented by the presence of a 'stranger or foreigner' in your life and one you are involved with in a love relationship or affair.
Be willing to try out the varieties of soups, meals and delicacies for a start. Also, endeavour to master the basic every day greetings in the mother tongue used by your choice of a partner (his/her people) and vice-versa.
4. Flexibility. You must endeavour to teach and maintain a sensible, appropriate and appreciable balance between what is permissible across cultures otherwise you might end up creating biases for your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, mate, partner or spouse's action (behaviour and/or mannerisms).
It is your duty and responsibility to enlighten him or her in the ways or customs of your people and to also serve as his/her guide.
5. Love. This must be greatly available and sufficient to an overflowing level. Cross cultural relationships readily sparks off interest as well as curiosity where friends, neighbours, colleagues or workmates are concerned.
Be generous and lavish much love and affection for your new found love please. It is good medicine for the heart and the emotions too.
6. Defend and Protect. You must be ready to stand up for and defend your lover, partner or spouse from any form of harassment or embarrassing situation. At times, people can be somewhat nasty when it is discovered that you are in a relationship with a 'stranger or foreigner' from a different culture.
7. Communicate more often and well, and endeavour to spend quality time with one another. Do not be shy to be seen walking together in public, or holding hands, or sitting together at a table, etc.
There is a curious mix of secret admirers especially those who are not bold and courageous to follow suit but who secretly appreciate how daring you are, and those who despise your action in becoming involved with a stranger from another culture.
These are 'tire kickers' who might not see anything good about your choice or action.
8. Make out time to have fun, enjoy your relationship and work at building it into something that both of you will be proud of anytime, any day and any place.
Get set and spring in to ACTION the moment you are done with learning how to have a relationship with someone from a different culture.
Achieving your desire and having a relationship with someone from another culture is one, doing the needful to make it interesting, fun, enjoyable, resourceful, rewarding and fulfilling is another even as the above mentioned tips have shown already.
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