Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Is Light Bondage...It Is A Little More Tame Than You Might Think

Many couples consider bondage way outside their comfort zone.  While I would agree that some of areas of bondage are not for the normal couple.  I also think that light bondage gets a bad rap.  Light bondage can consist of something so simple as wearing a blindfold.  Removing the ability for your partner to see can be a fun and exciting way to enhance your love making.  Even holding your lovers hands above their head while you are making love to them can be considered light bondage.  Now I have given you two things that you might consider pretty tame but they are both considered part of light bondage. 

Tired of Your Cords Getting All Tied Up?

The BlooBraid 3-in-1 is a cotton braided, rugged sync & charge cable compatible with iPhone 5 / 4, iPads and Android phones and devices. Charge and sync your tablets and phones in style.

Length 5 ft

Compatibility All iPhones incl 5s, All iPads, All Androids

More info on my website here

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