Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Celebrate New Jobs With Your Lover

One thing you have to do in your relationship is to celebrate each new job or promotion your partner and you achieve.   New jobs and promotions are great things to celebrate because the directly affect your relationship.  Either they bring more money into your life, maybe the reduce stress or maybe it just give you a new outlook at work.  No matter, live it up when you reach these new positions.  Go to dinner, have a bottle of wine and or make mad passionate love to each other in honor of this achievement in your relationship.  

This could help in your job search

I create resumes that help people get job interviews. We are in a strong buyer's market now, which means that employers can be very selective in who they want to interview. The first rule of marketing is that when your demand conditions change, you must also change your promotional strategy. Most people, and colleges, still use the same, tired model that worked when we were in a strong seller's market before the recession started in 2008. The resumes I create help people stand out from the crowd rather than blend into it.

My website is http://www.newwaveresumes.com.

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