Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Business Of Love

For those of you that think love is all roses and fairy tales you might need to take another look.  If you think that you fall in love and the rest of your life is smooth sailing you are in for a shock.  That is why it is important that you understand there is a business side to love.  When you are in true committed relationship there is a share of everything.  That means your time, experiences, and your money.  So many couples forget to spend time on the business side of their love that it blows up on them one day putting huge stress on their relationship.  Don't let this happen to you take time to have a business meeting once a month or week with your partner.  So you both are on the same page financially.  Believe me it will make the rest of your relationship flow a lot smoother. is a Video blog that aggregates business related content seen across the web & places it on one site .

It is a free online source created for people who want to start a new business and provides tips & different business to start 

Deal Soop also provides 4 hour sessions of business consulting for those who want to know the basics of what to do to start a business ,

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