Thursday, September 4, 2014

Full Moon Sexy

We all have heard about the crazies that come out during the full moon.  Even the hospitals and police stations will agree that there is more activity during a full moon.  Well why not use that during your intimacy.  Think about it, why not let your crazy side come out during the full moon.  This is a great time to try something different or to step out of your normal.  You can always blame it on the full moon and most likely your partner won't be disappointed.  


In our shop, you can find handmade crochet oya necklaces, crochet earrings, silk foulards,crochet adjustable flower rings, Turkish Oya Scarves,crochet bracelets, crochet barefoot sandals, crochet hats and much more !

At Nakkashe, we specialize in traditional and modern hand crocheted jewelry designs and fashionable accessories for women of all ages. We offer only the finest quality handmade accessories to accentuate your wardrobe. With a keen sense of style combined with quality craftsmanship, our designer product line is second to none. Each one of our items also make a generous gift idea to commemorate any occasion. 

Thank you for Shopping, hope you will find something to meet your expectations.

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