Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Power In Your Love Making

Ever feel like there is more going on when you are making love to your partner?  Maybe you feel the world has stopped or that you are hurling through space as light speed.  Some might even feel like making love allows you to become the energy and leave your body, or that you join as a living breathing part of your partners body.  The amazing thing is that all of these feelings can be right.  You are the only one that truly witnesses what is going on while you are making love to your partner.  Your partner is also having an different but shared experience at the same time.  No matter what is happening for you during this time an amazing energy is being created an energy that lights up the world we live in and the universe we share.  So take pride in what ever happens when you are sensually making love to a person you love the passion is being shared with the entire universe and the beauty it creates.  

Sexy Challenges are a way to give your intimacy a jolt of excitement. Within each of these short little ebooks you will find a wonderful way to connect to your partner. Sexy Challenges are to help put the spark back into your love life. 

Sexy Meditation will take you into a deeper and more intimate connection with your partner. Allowing you to open up to your sensual side. Exploring the calm and passion love the resides in both of you. Sexy Meditation will let you reach a part of yourself that can combine with the energy of your partner, it a more meaningful way. 

Sexy Challenges has many other issues available on iTunes. All designed to promote a positive and powerful intimacy level in your relationship. Check out all the other issues and start improving your relationship today.

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