Saturday, October 25, 2014

Does A Well Designed Bedroom Get You More Action?

Okay the question of the night is, does a well designed bedroom get more action then one that is not.  Or is this totally up to the people that are in the bedroom?  

Personally I think there is some validity to a sexy bedroom allowing you a better chance of more sex. Because there is an energy that is in your bedroom that can work it's way into your sexual energy.  Plus a bedroom that is unclean and cluttered creates to many block to the sexual energy of the room in general.  So I feel like the right bedroom arrangement can create a more intense sexual energy for the couple to feed off of.  So you might start looking for an interior decorator or check out below.

The idea all started after Tiff graduated from Parsons and now having the title as an interior designer, every time she entered a friend/family or acquaintances’ home she would be asked “What should I add to my space?” She would give ideas and a few weeks later the friend would come back for more suggestions. Only problem, Tiff cold not keep up with the demand. She thought there must be a way in which she can still offer advice but without visiting the physical space. With that RoomHints was born.

How it Works: 1. Upload a photo of your room. 2. Get awesome product recommendations 3. Ask friends or a designer for advice. 

RoomHints aspires to be the go to tool for decorating any space! Giving you ideas for your space that 
you would have never thought of.

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