Friday, October 10, 2014

Is Someone Watching You

Sometimes  when you are super sexy it seems like all eyes are on you.  Most of the time this is what you are looking for.   However, when someone goes over board to the point of stalking you, it turns creepy.  So you always have to be on your guard, and the more sexy you are the more important this is.  So don't stop being sexy just make sure you are always watching your back.  

Subrosa is an encrypted messaging web app that features end to end encryption. This keeps away your messages from prying eyes, like data miners, hackers, and government mass surveillance dragnets. Unlike most other "secure" chats, Subrosa is end to end encrypted, meaning not even us can snoop in. Subrosa also supports voice and video calls - it's aimed at being a Skyype alternative.

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