Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pay Attention To Your Nuts

Want a good healthy snack for your sex life?  Nuts, yes you heard me right.  Nuts have many wonderful qualities both for you both mentally and physically.  Snacking on nuts is much better than eating sugary snacks by the handfuls.  Plus there is a variety of nuts to choose from so if you don't like one kind there are many more to choose from.  So the next time you start to reach for that bag of chips or cookies do yourself and your sex life a favor and grab your nuts. 

Another Great Product to Help Your Health:

Live Green Tea Hawaii
product: greenteaHAWAII
Live Green, Stay Healthy... Live Green Tea Hawaii

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The product is a healthy, delicious instant green tea that is offered in 5 amazing flavors (pineapple-strawberry, raspberry lemonade, original, mocha, and passion orange guava).
Individually packaged with up to 450mg on antioxidants per serving, which is the equivalent to 45 cups of traditional green tea. 

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