Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wanting The Dream Relationship

Everybody has a vision of the dream relationship.  However, are you being unrealistic in your pursuits?  Can a relationship be perfect?  The answer is NO.  There is no such thing as a perfect or dream relationship.  What you are actually looking for is the relationship that works the best for you.  When you find it, that relationship will seem perfect but understand it will have bumps and bruises in it.  But, the the relationship fits you then you will move past those with style and grace always returning to that dreamy relationship.  

If you able to change your relationship from a boring winter to the hot sexiest summer, then to have a very best relationship you ever dream of is no more a secret.

May you stop playing the blame game and recognize that it is a new day?
May you choose to measure the quality of your relationship based on outcomes rather than intentions or promises?
May you be the best unpredictable person?
May you make yourself the best among the best?
May you impress yourself and your spouse?
May you light a fire after all this while you and your spouse in the relationship?
May you be the best thief to steal your spouse’s heart again?

If you reply no to any of these questions, stop and take the time to work out why you're still holding on to this destructive mentality, then describe specifically what it will take to alter that "no" into a "sure."

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