Friday, October 24, 2014

Your Food Has A Dramatic Affect On Your Sex Life

We have all heard of aphrodisiacs but besides foods that are suppose to boost your sexual powers there are those that can do the opposite.  For example eating a heavy meal that sits in your gut could possibly hurt you love making later.  If you fill yourself up you might be lethargic and tired to the point of sex not being a interest.  Also gassy foods such as many Mexican dishes might create a distance in love making.  So think before you eat, if your wanting to make love afterwards.  Eat lightly so that you have the motivation and the energy to attack your lover for desert.  

Share what your are eating here:

People, sports enthusiasts and vegans alike, define themselves by what they eat (and don’t eat). Yet, this cross-cultural reality has, until now, had no digital platform.

Most diet-related apps are concerned only with the technical aspects of food (e.g. calorie count, nutritional value, portion sizes). They don’t consider what we’ve realized: no matter what or how people eat, they do it together. Crowdiet lets people all over the world share their meals with everyone or with their close friends in a dynamic social network. It gets them regular, immediate feedback from people they trust, and each sharable profile and food log can also be completely private.

We’ve devoted several long months to building an initial product and user base to test our assumptions and assess our potential.

What we learned surprised us.

Outside of the uses we initially envisioned, we found people choosing Crowdiet to:

§  Share nonfood experiences (e.g. trips abroad) through food images
§  Collaboratively shop for and cook meals for families or groups of friends
§  Create and access a flexible, network-specific knowledge base of food
§  Adjust their meals and eating habits on the fly

You can learn more about how the application works at The app (Android) is available for download at

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