Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Forget Thanksgiving Sex This Year

Now if all the hustle and bustle of giving thanks has your left your special lady feeling a little drain.  You might want to check out the way the pilgrims busted that energy fired back up.

How FiredUp Works

Female arousal is both mental and physical. Herbal preparations of Coryanthine Yohimbe have been shown to simultaneously relax, calm and stimulate, while helping to overcome the natural psychological inhibitions and worries that inhibit the mental component of arousal. It also helps to overcome the stresses and fatigue that decrease desire. This helps to elevate the libido and promote the experience of pleasure. Epimedium, Levoarginine and Glutamic Acid increase sensitivity and blood flow to the vulva and anterior one third of the vagina and studies have revealed that this is associated with increased arousal and pleasure in female sexuality. These substances also seem to increase moisture and natural lubrication during intercourse. Epimedium, Coryanthine and Levoarginine are also involved with subtle changes in neurochemistry associated with arousal, pleasure and satisfaction.

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