Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calories Burned During Sex

Burning of calories during sex is higher than any other exercise. In order to burn calories and lose weight, we should have regular sex. Lovemaking is a pleasurable and exciting experience that is enjoyed by everyone. Everyone likes to cuddle, kiss and make love. The whole process is too much engaging.
Sex rejuvenates your body, mind and soul especially making love during morning and late nights are more pleasurable. Regular sex enhances your overall health. Your psychological health also increases due to a safe and happy intercourse.
Tips To Burn Calories During A Sex Session
. In order to burn calories, you should try to make your love making session last for atleast 30 minutes. You can make it exciting by starting with an intense foreplay. Never jump into the main action directly, which can reduce the amount of calorie burning.
. Experimentation is the key for an electrifying sex session. You should try new positions in order to explore the new boundaries. Burn calories using difficult positions such as Italian Chandelier and wheelbarrow.
. 150 calories are burnt during a regular sex session. It can even go higher than this if we can delay the entire session by using stop and go rule. It not only helps your body to burn calories but also reduces the cholesterol level. Lovemaking enhances the oxygen supply in your body and improves your blood circulation.
. In order to learn different types of postures during love making, one should read the book called Kamasutra. Calories during sex will be burnt more, if we understand the various nuances of this book. The popular positions like the dog, visitor and lotus is quite helpful for someone who wants to make their lovemaking experience somewhat memorable.
. You can even keep it simple and beautiful by continuing your missionary style that can even burn calories up to 150.
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