Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sugar Isn't Sexy!!!

Too much sugar can be hard on your health but it can also cause problems in your sex life.  Below are some of the reasons you need to watch your sugar intake, for your intimacy's sake.  

1. Sugar Lowers Testosterone - Guys take note of this
2. Sugar reduces growth hormones - Which hurt your muscle growth
3. Sugar Makes You Tired - So Blame Sugar the next time you hear, "Not Tonight, I'm Tired
4. Sugar triggers Stress and Anxiety - Neither good for your sex life.  

There are a lot more reasons and ways sugar can affect our life.  While it is hard to cut it our completely reducing the intake of sugar can create some dramatic positives for you.

Free Teleclass that will show you exactly how to kick the sugar habit so that you can transform your health without deprivation and overwhelm.  

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