Monday, September 21, 2015

Women Football Fans Are More Aggressive in Bed

Photo from NFL Boudoir shoot Pinterest site

NFL season is in full swing now and there have been many interesting things develop during the season.  However, we have a little bit of knowledge that we would like to pass along.  It seems that women who enjoy football are more likely to be more aggressive in the bedroom.  Maybe the adrenaline rush of the game is good for the libido also.  Whatever it is about the game that brings out the triggers in these women, is making their partners smile from ear to ear.   So maybe, if your partner isn't a football fan already you should introduce them to the game.  That way the scoring can go on at home after the game is over.   
With that being said we want to introduce you to our line of Sexy Challenges so the game can go on and on and on.

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