Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feng Shui Your Bedroom!

Here is a simple and basic way to increase the love energy that flows through your bedroom.  Understand that this video only scratches the surface of Feng Shui in your Bedroom.  To get a complete understanding pick up a great book on the subject and learn how to increase all the energy in your life with Feng Shui.

There is a wealth of information available if you are looking for a lover, partner or soul mate or if you are attempting to improve your current relationship. Likewise there is a wealth of information on the subject of feng shui. However, there is very little information available that combine both subjects and those that do are short blog posts of magazine articles. In addition, everything that is available is generic. They apply to the average person rather than you. 

The Feng Shui Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships is not generic. It does not tell you what you should be doing, saying, thinking or feeling. Instead it takes the fundamental principles of feng shui and shows you how to apply them to you and your environment. 

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