Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ever Need Someone To Talk Too?

Whaaat? A Secret Friend..! Might sound funny, however for me Friendship is precious.

We all at one point wish we could only talk to someone, share our feelings, our sadness or happiness.

Ask for advise on a relationship, help with making difficult choices, trying to get closure on a broken relationship without the fear of being judged by those who do not understand!

Having difficulty to get people to understand you. So overwhelmed with things in your life you need another voice for direction.
I am your Secret Friend, your Confidant and your other voice :)

I absolutely LOVE talking to people, making friends and talking around a fire or lend a shoulder to rest on.

I am a Secret Friend, who will ....
  • Someone who will listen 
  • Someone who will support
  • Someone who will advice
  • Someone who will not judge
  • Someone who will guide, assist in solving a problem
  • So much more....

Privacy is paramount with me! Be assured our discussions is between you and me! 

Your friend will answer every message you send, will talk about anything that matters to you, just like a friend would. 

Your true Secret Friend who will be available 24/7. There when you need a friend.

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