Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Dream of a Perfect Relationship

The Dream of a Perfect Relationship

So many of us dream of that perfect relationship where everyday is filled with happiness and wonderful things.  I hate to dash your hopes but that isn't realistic.  As in anything perfection is not obtainable.   Nor do I think I would ever want to reach perfection.  You might ask why?  Well in the case of perfection if you had the perfect relationship you would never had any room for improvement.  There would be no room for growth and their would be no make up sex for sure!  While we view the bad times in our relationship as time we wish we could skip, we also have to have the balance of the good and the bad.  If everything was always good or always bad there would be no way to compare anything.  If every day was good then that would be average and instead of saying you were having a good day all you could say was I was having an average day!

Something to think about an ponder!  

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