Monday, July 9, 2018

9 1/2 Weeks Sexy Movie With a Twist

9 1/2 Weeks one of the sexiest movies of all time.

Elizabeth McGraw, who works in an upscale Manhattan art gallery, is trying to get back onto her personal footing following the divorce from her husband Bruce, with who she is still on good terms. Although not prudish about sex, she does not think about it all the time, unlike her sex-obsessed best friend and coworker Molly. There is an immediate mutual attraction when Elizabeth meets high stakes Wall Street arbitrageur John Gray. Although cautious seeing as to her divorce, Elizabeth does enter into a relationship with John following a grand gesture on his part, despite not really knowing anything about him. That caution returns when John starts to push her sexual boundaries. However, she begins to trust him in her undeniable attraction to him. As their relationship progresses with him crossing one what was a sexual line after another for her and she succumbing to each, the questions become whether the crossing of any specific lines will destroy their relationship, especially as he does not open up about any other aspect of his personal self, and if so if those will have any long term effect on her psyche.

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