Friday, July 6, 2018

Tago International Center

Are you planning a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah,gradutation, sweet 16, baby shower? Well, look no further. It takes a whole lot to produce a memorable event and lots of people reach breaking points from the stress involved in putting together events in full gear, a cumbersome task indeed. You require someone with adequate experience to handle the huge task successfully because events need skill and organization. 

Tago Center was specially designed to delight the community and renew Atlanta’s model when it comes to events planning, management and general the experience involved. Located at 1735 Defoor place NW. Atlanta, Georgia 30318. We are the premier event space in Atlanta, with more than enough years’ worth of experience to give clients an unrivaled experience which immortalizes the memories of events.

This multipurpose event hall practically guarantees a memorable and lovely event with modern facilities fully equipped with adequate capacity; well decorated halls suited for the occasion, High Speed Wifi, state of the art media equipment,Projection equipment,State of the art sound system, Amazing DJ's & hosts, Dj booth, lightings(LED Up lights, Dimmable chandeliers, Dimmable wall lights Concert / light show set up, Gobo lighting), well learned and experienced event managers who lift off heavy management and planning burden from our clients.All these are combined to give a wholesome experience never to be forgotten.

With Tago International Center, we have a venue which conveniently passes for a traditional venue for events. The venue can be summed up as industrial but elegant with features which include a gorgeous venue, an incredible interior and layout boasting of an abundance of space and free parking which is a rarity in such locations. With a fully furnished finish, clients save a lot since they are spared from excessive unnecessary rents. Another unique feature which makes Tago Center one amongst many is although clients are allowed to patronize vendors outside, it still offers excellent services to those clients who request it.

Tago Center lends a helping hand of support to all the fine details that characterize an enviable event. An additional touch of glamour and class to an event center already designed to fulfill such expectations. The services offered at Tago international center include on site event planners and mana

1735 Defoor Place. Suite #D
Atlanta, GA 30318


  • Office:(678) 768 3717
  • Due to overwhelming inquiries, we advise that you text us for immediate response, Or chat with us live, on the bottom right of your browser.


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