Tuesday, September 25, 2018

7 Types of Female Climax

Female Orgasms - The 7 Most Common Types Of Climax A Woman Can Have

Most men only give their women clitoral orgasms and many women (30%) have never had an orgasm of any kind.
However, the truth is that women can have many types of orgasm and have a tremendous potential for experiencing wild SEXUAL PLEASURE, but they need a REAL MAN to help them to unleash all of that sexuality.
A real man gives his woman these types of orgasm...
Female Orgasms - Here Are The 7 Most Common Types Of Climax A Woman Can Have
1. Clitoral Orgasm
The clitoral orgasm is the one that most women have had.
To give your woman a clitoral orgasm you must stimulate her clitoris. This is usually done with your fingers or via oral sex, but can also be done with a sex toy or the head of your 'little chap'.
2. Vaginal Orgasm
The vaginal orgasm is the MOST IMPORTANT on this list for two reasons.
Firstly, it is way more powerful and SEXUALLY PLEASURABLE for women than the regular clitoral orgasm.
Secondly, it is the key to your woman experiencing squirting and multiple orgasms too.
Quite simply -- when you give your woman regular vaginal orgasms, your sex-life will improve dramatically.
You can give your woman this type of orgasm by stimulating her G-Spot or Deep Spot. This can be done using your fingers, during intercourse or with a sex toy.
3. Squirting Orgasm
"YES", women can squirt/ejaculate.
When a woman has a squirting orgasm it is not urine.
The best way to give your woman her first and extremely exciting squirting orgasm is to stimulate her G-Spot. So really you end up giving her a Squirting, G-Spot Vaginal Orgasm!
Try saying that after a few beers.
4. Anal Orgasm
The anal orgasm is perhaps the most powerful for a woman to experience.
This is best done by massaging her G-Spot whilst your finger is in her anus. This is possible because the lining that separates her vagina and anus is very thin.
5. Multiple Orgasms
If your woman has more than one orgasm in a sex session -- she's having multiple orgasms.
This is hard to do if you only give your woman clitoral orgasms because the clitoris usually becomes too sensitive to touch after a woman has come.
However, it's easy to do with vaginal orgasms because the vagina suffers no such hyper-sensitivity.
See what I mean about vaginal orgasms being so important?
6. Nipple Orgasm
Some women have very sensitive nipples and can be brought off by nipple stimulation alone. Such women may enjoy having their nipples kissed, licked, sucked, blown on and even bitten.
7. Mental Orgasm ('Mindgasm')
The 'Mindgasm' is extremely exciting and involves no physical stimulation. Instead, you bring your woman off using only your voice.
In other words -- you have to be good at Dirty Talk.
Again, I've found the 'Mindgasm' to be much easier to do once you have unleashed a woman's wildly sexual side by giving her regular vaginal orgasms.
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