Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Will Use Your Magick

Chaos Magick

There is magick in everything we do and yet most of this magick in everything we do.  Magick is a form of energy and Chaos Magick represents the fact that magick travels where it needs to go because the magick is intelligent and goes where it is needed if not directed.  Yes you can direct the magick you create!  You might ask how you create magick?  Well our sexual activities based around love is one way, which is the Sexy Challenge way.  You can also create magick when you create wonderful works of art, amazing music, or do wonderful things for the people around you.  So magick isn't as mysterious as you might think it is doing something wonderful and sharing it with the world.  Now when you focus, meditate, or speak where you want the magick to go before you make love or create the magick.

So why are you not directing the magick you are creating, if not you can leave it to chaos so that other people like myself can collect it and use it in other amazing ways.  

Learn more about magick here! 

While some say that love makes the world go 'round, the world is actually made up of energy. Hey! Wait! Isn't love really energy, too? Yep. Grab your romantic partner and get ready to go on a journey that will help you better understand three key energies in your life because when you do you will love the moon, the earth and yourself more than you ever have before. You'll discover how to connect to them, get them to work for you, and in turn grow a beautiful relationship with them. Moon Energy, Earth Energy, and Sexual Energy are powerful resources for you to become fully conscious of and tap into. When you allow the three to interweave together in your world you will likely be blown away by the synchronicity and serendipity that begins to show up in everyday life. Confidence, deep spiritual connection, and amazing success will be at your fingertips. Filled with great wisdom and a ton of exercises, ceremony and ritual, The Full Moon Approaches: Merging Moon Energy, Earth Energy & Sexual Energy is sure to cast a magical spell upon you, your relationship and your life.

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